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Festival / Evening

Philippe Buschinger,

Urban gothic : an epigraphic journey amongst good and evil

25 Feb 2013

The event is over

Philippe Buschinger

In the contemporary city, literally tattooed with inscriptions of every kind, the gothic serves as a symptomatic indicator. It makes it possible to summon God and Satan in every register, both authentic and in parody. It lends its traits to both ancestral tradition and to a recalcitrant stance, to official statements and subversive discourse, to conformism and anti-conformism, to extremes of all kinds and the silent majority, to constructive emotion and destructive affect, to work well done and a thoroughly botched job. It divides into sectors as it is sectored, but in all sectors and for all sectors at once.

Philippe Buschinger


25 Feb 2013
From 2:30pm