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Festival / Evening

Duspelarjuschack ? / Sprüllerjuchskchechkerch

Conference / Performance by Gérard Assayag and Georges Bloch

21 Feb 2013

The event is over

Gérard Assayag Représentation d'un flux de musique ou de parole telle qu'elle est construite par le logiciel OMax, 2012

Technologies: Benjamin Lévy, Georges Bloch, Nicolas Obin (Ircam Musical Representations and Sound Analysis-Synthesis Teams)
Texts in GeenKrimpien : Jaap Blonk

Speech phenomena like echolalia and glossolalia are vested with mystery evoking in turn pathology, mysticism and linguistic creativity. However computer algorithms have an uncanny propensity to say the least to produce them. They will be used for a performance in GeenKrimpien based on the famous dialogue between the knight and death in Bergman’s film.


21 Feb 2013
From 14h


Galerie sud - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2