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El Estudiante

16 Jun 2013

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El Estudiante, de S. Mitre

Arriving from his native province to study in Buenos Aires, Roque hangs around on campus where he discovers a passion for student politics – leaders, elections and backstabbing. “Parodying François Truffaut's famous formula, we could say that Santiago Mitre, whose El Estudiante is his promising first feature film, captures politics as if it were a spy film, which is what makes it exciting. […] Beyond the simple statement on Argentina, the film also occasionally succeeds, like a John Le Carré novel, in adding an almost metaphysical twist to these role plays where we are never certain of either our own feelings or those of others.” Jean-Baptiste Morain, Les Inrocks, January 2013. El Estudiante by Santiago Mitre (2011, 110').

El Estudiante, de S. Mitre


16 Jun 2013
From 6pm


Cinéma 2