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Exhibition / Museum

Erika Verzutti

"Mutations/Creations 3"

20 Feb - 15 Apr 2019

The event is over

Erika Verzutti, « Missionary », 2011. Collection particulière

As part of "Mutations/Creations 3", discover the first large-scale exhibition in Europe devoted to Erika Verzutti. In an original layout that fills up the whole space, a body of work is deployed, full of animal and vegetal associations, asserting the right to be undisciplined, going against the grain of a neo-modernist and conceptual trend.

"Mutations/Creations", the annual creation and innovation laboratory at the Centre Pompidou questions the links between the arts, science, engineering and innovation. The cycle brings together artists, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs, all the protagonists of the sensory and the intelligible, who affect and transgress our present. For its third edition, the event brings together the visual and digital arts, design and speech, in the course of a collective exhibition: "Designing the Living [La Fabrique du Vivant]", the first personal and monographic exhibition in Europe of the Brazilian artist Erika Verzutti, and the third edition of the Vertigo forum, conducted by the Ircam.

Erika Verzutti, « Missionary », 2011. Collection particulière


20 Feb - 15 Apr 2019
11am - 9pm, every days except tuesdays


Galerie 3