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Performer les savoirs / Performing Knowledge

22 Jun 2018

The event is over

Claudia Triozzi, « Pour une these vivante »

Seminar, Performer Les Savoirs / Performing Knowledge
Conceived by Chloé Déchery (lecturer at University Paris 8) and Marion Boudier (playwright and lecturer at UPJV)

Petite Salle and Cinéma 2 simultaneously

How a performative research practice can design, model, and produce single objects of thinking that, consequently, require adapted analysis and methodological tools? How, on the contrary, can contemporary artistic work "perform", that is, put in act and on stage, a gesture and a research activity ? How, finally, the figures of the artist and the researcher, the actor and the expert, the handyman and the scientist, can they answer each other and constitute one opposite the other in logic crossing and fertilization rather than in competitive or differentiating logic? These questions will be asked and discussed throughout a day, during workshops, conferences and round tables presented as part of MOVE. This valuation of trade between artists and researchers will also be embodied in the establishment of an artist's residency for the duration of the event. “Performer les savoirs / Performing Knowledge” is coming as a transdisciplinary seminar with ambitious editorial content that should allow fruitful exchanges for artists and academics and the public.

Invited artist in residence: Claudia Triozzi

Program under development / with:
Laurence Corbel Tim Etchells, Barbara Formis, Julien Fournet, Arthur Igual,
Yvain Juillard, Alix Morant, Laurent Pichaud, Yves Rossetti and Claudia Triozzi


22 Jun 2018
11h - 19h30


Cinéma 2 - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2
Petite Salle - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2