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Debate / Meeting

Bertrand Lavier

Exhibition talks

25 Oct 2012

The event is over

Bertrand Lavier, Baft III, 2011, tubes de néon, 209x277x18,5 cm, galerie Xavier Hufkens, Bruxelles, courtesy Bertrand Lavier et Xavier Hufkens, Bruxelles, photo

The exhibition devoted to Bertrand Lavier at the Centre Pompidou, through some fifty works and different themes (grafts, the relationship of words and things, the new status of readymade, and so on), sheds light on the artist's talent for challenging our certainties about what makes something a painting, a sculpture, a photograph or a performance. On this occasion Bertrand Lavier will be in conversation with Michel Gauthier, exhibition curator, Catherine Millet, art critic, editorial director of the art press magazine and writer, and Jean-Pierre Criqui, head of the Written and spoken word service and Editor-in-Chief of the art museum's magazine, Cahiers du Musée national d'art moderne.


25 Oct 2012
From 19h


Petite Salle - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2