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The Red black


03 Oct 2014

The event is over

Le Dos rouge, Antoine Barraud, 2014

As part of the "Bertrand Bonello, résonances" cycle, the director Antoine Barraud (Les Gouffres) presents a preview of Le Dos rouge, his new film, co-produced with the Centre Pompidou. Here Bertrand Bonello embodies a filmmaker in quest of a painting that will be the starting point of his next film. He then calls upon a female art historian, with whom he explores museum galleries. "When Le Dos rouge took shape, it fulfilled a number of desires: to film in museums, to create a personal overview of monstrosity through painting, and to give a fictional role to Bertrand Bonello." Antoine Barraud. Le Dos rouge (2014, 127’), by Antoine Barraud, with the film director

Le Dos rouge, Antoine Barraud, 2014


03 Oct 2014
From 8pm


Cinéma 2