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Wols, Natural stories

4 Mar - 18 May 2020

The event is over

Wols, « Sans titre (Composition) », 1944-1945

Wols, who died in 1951, is most often remembered from the perspective of a tragic fate inextricably linked to history; the decision to flee Germany in the grip of Nazism, the precariousness of a clandestine emigrant; his internment in the camps of the southern zone after the outbreak of the war and his post-war vagrancy in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where alcohol contributed to his drawn-out suicide.

This exhibition revisits his drawings, in the light of his other activities, such as writing, photography and painting. Designed as an introductory tour, it is organised into five sections: capture, transmute, concentrate, disassemble and scatter, to describe the way in which Wols transposed the world he perceived through his images.

Wols, « Sans titre (Composition) », 1944-1945


4 Mar - 18 May 2020
11am - 9pm, every days except tuesdays

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Musée - Niveau 4 - Galerie d'art graphique