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Debate / Meeting

Jacques Rancière on Béla Tarr

07 Dec 2011

The event is over

A great thinker when it comes to emancipation, philosopher Jacques Rancière constructs a study where politics and aesthetics come together, so that this relationship can be stretched in a sense that applies to the world in general or to one work of art in particular. The author of Maître ignorant [The ignorant master] and La Nuit des prolétaires [Proletarian nights] is also a film enthusiast. Often shining through in his works, the cinema constitutes the central subject of La Fable cinématographique [The cinematic fable] (2001) and of the more recent Les Écarts du cinema [Deviances in cinema]. The retrospective of the films of Béla Tarr is the occasion for Éditions Capricci and Éditions du Centre Pompidou to publish a new opus, dedicated to the Hungarian film maker.


07 Dec 2011
From 7pm


Petite Salle
Grande Salle