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Debate / Meeting

Nanokov and France

01 Jun 2013

The event is over

Vladimir Nabokov (Hulton Archive)

Could the author of Lolita have been a French writer? As an exiled writer, he maintained rich and varied relationships with France, the French language and culture.
This international symposium, organised with Chercheurs Enchantés, Société Française Vladimir Nabokov, explores this little-known aspect and demonstrates the influence he still exerts on the contemporary arts.

Vladimir Nabokov (Hulton Archive)


01 Jun 2013
11:15am - 7pm

de 11h15 à 12h45 et de 14h à 19h30


Petite Salle


Colloque organisé en partenariat avec l’Association Française Vladimir Nabokov,
l’École Normale Supérieure Université Paris IV et la Galerie Mamia Bretesché