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The strollers

Ou 'Pourquoi et comment arpenter un territoire'

18 Feb 2013

The event is over

Niklas Goldbach, My Barrio, 2005

Les flâneurs – or how and why to survey a territory. Les flâneurs – they are both you and them, the people who crisscross a territory and decipher unlikely domains. The meaning and the itinerary are not always what we expect them to be. They tell their stories backwards, at dawn on a Sunday morning, across sometimes uncertain territory, on a spin through the city or during a nighttime tour in the back of a truck on the Paris ring road. The Seine-Saint-Denis contemporary art collection has focused on video for several years, as shown by this selection assembled in response to the exhibit, “Le Flâneur' (Chapelle Vidéo 4), at the Saint Denis Museum of Art and History (15 February – 15 April).


18 Feb 2013
From 19h


Cinema 1 - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2