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Maud Le Pladec


27 - 29 Mar 2013

The event is over

Score for a trance. “Following the mysterious Professor, Maud Le Pladec continues her choreographic exploration of Fausto Romitelli's music. The expressiveness of this hybrid work, woven through with spectral harmonics and wild riffs, makes it a laboratory that is conducive to experimentation. The choreographer chose to use Trash TV Trance, a convulsive jewel for electric guitar, for the second part of her diptych. Between the trembling core-body of the guitarist and the automaton-body of the dancers – anguished, meditative and burlesque by turn – a horizon appears. It is the vanishing point of a possible unity of gestures, music and words.” Gilles Amalvi.


27 - 29 Mar 2013
From 8:30pm


Grande Salle