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Hors Pistes 2010

Un autre mouvement des images

19 - 28 Feb 2010

The event is over

Hors-Pistes, 5e édition

Hors Pistes, an important cultural event created in 2006, focuses on the new ways of using contemporary images and shows the breaks and shifts which emerge in the traditional forms of film and narrative.

For this 5th edition, a double device illustrates the abundance and authority of images. The contemporary world firstly appears in the screened works, through the uncommon, unconventional and asserted vision of international artists. Other films integrated in an open space where the visitor can freely circulate among the images act as a counterpoint to this window on reality. In this space, the presented films focus on one and only place: the House, where our fantasies and our daily dull absurdities are usually safely kept away. The Hors Pistes House draws particular attention to the new self-produced images. It asserts the role of the Internet and of amateur creations in our contemporary iconography. A YouTube 'found footage' evening will play on these home-made images.

Hors Pistes takes into account news ways of production and circulation of today's images and is at the intersection between prospective movies and events, mixing elements from contemporary art, cinema, music or even fashion and more particularly this year, gastronomy.

The Hors Pistes guest : Iñaki Aizpitarte

Originally from the Basque country, the young chef Iñaki Aizpitarte is one of the emerging figures of new gastronomy. He has attracted a great number of aficionados who follow him from one restaurant to another. After having been promoted, he became chef at Gilles Choukroun's Café des Délices. His invented 'miniatures', while working at La Famille, have left imperishable memories to the fortunate ones who have tasted them. A great traveller as well as a self-made man, he has learnt on the job and thanks to a series of chance encounters. In 2005, he officiated with Laurent Chareau the Transversal restaurant of the MAC/VAL museum but nowadays he prefers to devote himself to his own restaurant, Le Châteaubriand, bought in 2006 with Frédéric Penau, a friend he met at the Café Burk (Paris XVIIIème). In 2009, the Chateaubriand was rated 40th best restaurant of the world by the London review restaurant.

The artist-in-residence: Andrea Crews

Andrea Crews is a collective led by Maroussia Rebecq who works in art as well as in fashion federating stylists, designers, musicians, video directors and performers. Combining many aspects of contemporary creation, she presents and stages her collections as performances, happenings and video clips. Contrary to the prevailing uniformity, Andrea Crews emphasizes personal creativity, experimentation and independence.

For Hors Pistes, Andrea Crews proposes to set up a recycling workshop to transform dead stocks of clothes as a way of uniting fashion houses and brands of ready-to-wear clothes in a sustainable development process. The collective will present this unique and eventful collection with a performance fashion show as a finishing touch. In this way Andrea Crews asserts its own position as a conceptual and alternative fashion designer. The recycling workshop is raw: tables, chairs, sewing machines, dead stocks in cardboard boxes, dressmakers altering material.

Hors-Pistes, 5e édition


19 - 28 Feb 2010
every days except tuesdays


Petite salle
Cinéma 2
Petite Salle


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