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Festival / Evening

Al-Isnad, or Chains we can Believe in - Slavs & Tatars


07 Mar 2013

The event is over

Slavs and Tatars

From the little known story of Dan Flavin’s commission from the Dia Foundation for a Sufi mosque in Manhattan to an evocation of a Russian dervish born Velimir Khlebnikov, this lecture-performance pays attention to the language for a mystical approach to modernity and an emotional approach to art. Contre la rage laïque de tout savoir [Against the secular fury to know it all], of which Charles de Foucauld spoke, in order to create places for sacred and linguistic hospitality. This presentation covers a wide variety of subjects from the Menil Collection to the Notorious B.I.G., from the anti-modern to the Iranian revolution.

Slavs and Tatars


07 Mar 2013
From 6pm