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Amit Dutta : De l'autre côté du miroir

20 - 29 Mar 2015

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AMIT DUTTA: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS A well-known figure of contemporary Indian cinema, Amit Dutta explores the expressive dimensions of cinema as a time machine. He builds up a universe for the spectator where research feeds the imaginary, where the arts, history and mythology form part of landscapes and gestures, and where knowledge enchants reality. Programme proposé par Marie-Pierre Duhamel Muller En partenariat avec Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, Film and Television Institute of India AMIT DUTTA #1 vendredi 20 mars, 20h45, en cinéma 2 vendredi 27 mars, 16h15, au Luminor RAMKHINDA RAMKHIND, A WARLI VILLAGE 78' 2007 Inde VO STFR et EN A Warli tribal village in Western India, where artisan painters have developed a whole repertoire of brilliantly expressive forms. Gods, demons and tigers haunt the forests and crossroads... JANGARH FILM EK JANGARH FILM ONE 24' 2009 Inde VO STFR et EN Troisième diffusion : dimanche 29 mars, 15h45, en cinéma 2 Jangarh Singh Shyam had left his village to become a well-known contemporary painter. He committed suicide in 2001. The filmmaker sets out to discover who he was. AMIT DUTTA #2 samedi 21 mars, 16h00, en cinéma 1 mardi 24 mars, 14h00, au Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles KRAMASHA TO BE CONTINUED... 22'2007 Inde VO STFR et EN A man walks the streets of a village at dawn, a narrator dreams about the history of the village, mixing memories, legends and facts. Cinema as "logic of dreams". AADMI KI AURAT AUR ANYA KAHANIYAN THE MAN'S WOMAN AND OTHER STORIES 78' 2009 Inde VO STFR Three tales about the relationships between men and women, and the spaces they move in, between night and day. Cinema opens up a new dimension for literary narrative. AMIT DUTTA #3 dimanche 22 mars, 15h45, en cinéma 1 dimanche 29 mars, 15h45, en cinéma 2 EVEN RED CAN BE SAD - première mondiale 60'2015 Inde VO STFR et EN Précédé de THE MUSEUM OF IMAGINATION le 22 mars et de JANGARH FILM EK le 29 mars A pioneer of abstract painting, Ram Kumar is also a well-known author. Through stories, paintings, fiction and fragments of past and present life, the mise en scène draws an artist’s portrait that expresses the synthesis between words and images. Screened with THE MUSEUM OF IMAGINATION on March 22 and JANGARH FILM EK on March 29. AMIT DUTTA #4 dimanche 22 mars, 21h15, au Luminor jeudi 26 mars, 16h00, en cinéma 1 GITA GOVINDA 34'2013 Inde, Suisse SD The Gita-Govinda,a 12th-century epic poem, sings of the tormented love between the young god Krishna and Radha. The mise en scène and sound design infuse the miniature paintings with enchanted life. FUTURE OF CINEMA 2'2013 Inde SD The famous rudra veena player, Bahauddin Dagar, seems to live in the temple of Masrur, in Kangra valley. A painter fixes the image of the instrument. They meet through the alchemy of cinema. AMIT DUTTA #5 lundi 23 mars, 18h30, au Luminor vendredi 27 mars, 21h00, en cinéma 2 CHITRASHALA HOUSE OF PAINTINGS 19' 2015 Inde SD Night falls. The last visitor has gone. The miniatures exhibited in the old palace come to life to tell the story of the love and exile of King Nala and his wife Damayanti (Mahabharata). FIELD-TRIP 23' 2013 Inde VO STFR et EN Professor B.N. Goswamy travels back along the path of some forty years’ research on the painter Nainsukh. He re-opens ancient registers and revisits former conversations. SAATVIN SAIR THE SEVENTH WALK 72' 2013 Inde VO STFR et EN The contemporary artist Paramjit Singh falls asleep at the foot of a tree. The characters and the wonderful events that he meets in his dream may well be the universe he creates in his paintings. AMIT DUTTA #6 mercredi 25 mars, 19h30, au Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles samedi 28 mars, 15h15, en petite salle THE MUSEUM OF IMAGINATION: A PORTRAIT IN ABSENTIA 20' 2013 Inde VO STFR et EN Troisième diffusion : dimanche 22 mars, 15h45, en cinéma 1 Everything began with an image: sounds, bursts of images and the silences of daily life draw the “imaginary museum” of B.N. Goswamy, the great historian of Pahari art. NAINSUKH 72' 2010 Inde, Suisse VO STFR et EN The 18th-century painter Nainsukh and his prince’s court come to life amidst today’s ruined palaces and landscapes. The paintings and the mise en scène document a whole world, and the emergence of a style. AMIT DUTTA #7 dimanche 29 mars, 14h00 et 18h30, Screening room (niveau -1 du Centre Pompidou) PURNA / APURNA - première mondiale FINISHED / UNFINISHED, THE ROCK-CUT TEMPLES OF MASRUR 240' 2015 Inde VO STEN The 8th-century craftsmen left Shiva’s rock-cut temple in Masrur unfinished. An earthquake left it half unmade. From the forest to the heart of the temple, the film follows the ancient plans, step by step.The rock breathes. What remains becomes a sign of the non-apparent. TABLE RONDE AMIT DUTTA, CINEMA IS RESEARCH dimanche 29 mars, 18h15, en cinéma C2, séance en entrée libre



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