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Virtual exhibitions

Immerse yourself in modern and contemporary art with our selection of exhibitions designed for the web: virtual tours, augmented reality, interactive experiments on your own, or guided video tours. Discover our collection and relive our exhibitions on your screens.

Virtual reality

A monograph of online exhibitions, a bespoke exhibition in augmented reality, an original interactive experiment… to immerse yourself in the abstract artist Vassily Kandinsky’s world of sounds, shapes, and colors. In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture.

A virtual tour through Joan Miró's three mythical Bleu (Blue) paintings. Immerse yourself in the artist's dreamlike world, his artistic practice open to the infinite, and take a closer look at his work through previously unpublished resources and documents.

Video guided tours

Follow our guide through the museum to discover the masterpieces of Europe's largest collection of modern and contemporary art, Centre Pompidou. And discover the key moments in over a century of creativity.

From Henri Matisse to Patti Smith, from Georgia O'Keeffe to Christian Boltanski, (re)visit all our temporary exhibitions, whether monographic or thematic, in the company of their curator.

360° tours


Organised in 1985 under the curatorship of philosopher Jean-François Lyotard and design theorist Thierry Chaput, "Les Immatériaux" explored the shift toward a post-modern sensibility in which new technologies were profoundly disrupting relations between the human and the world. Its experimental nature makes it a striking milestone in the history of exhibitions. 

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