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Monographic, historical and thematic exhibitions and displays offer visitors an ever-changing panorama of modern art and contemporary creation, as well as one of the most important museum collections in Europe.

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/ Germany / The 1920s /
New Objectivity / August Sander /

11 May – 5 September 2022

 Temporary exhibition 

 Gallery 1, level 6


A multidisciplinary exhibition dedicated to the artistic trend of the Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) in Germany and a large panorama of German art in the late 1920s. Apart from painting and photography, the project brings together architecture, design, film, theatre, literature and music. People of the 20th century, the masterwork by photographer August Sander, establishes the motif of a cross-section of a society, an "exhibition in the exhibition", as a structural principle. 


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Jochen Lempert

11 May – 4 September 2022

 Temporary free exhibition 

 Galerie de photographies, Forum –1


A retrospective exhibition that shines a spotlight on three decades of Jochen Lempert's photographic work (born in 1958, based in Hamburg). 
The layout presents the series of images of fireflies, synthesising the German photographer's research into the scientific observation of nature, light and time. Placed on light-sensitive paper, they trace abstract and enigmatic forms with their movement. These delicate images tinged with poetry resonate with the Surrealist tradition.


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Berlin, nos années 20

 Rencontres | Cinéma | Spectacles | Concerts 

11 mai – 3 juillet 2022


En contrepoint aux expositions « / Allemagne / Années 1920 / Nouvelle objectivité / August Sander / » et « Jochen Lempert », le Centre Pompidou se met à l’heure berlinoise, à la rencontre de cette capitale résolument cosmopolite, de sa vitalité et des défis qu’elle affronte aujourd’hui.

Une programmation inédite qui croise tous les arts et toutes les disciplines, dans des ambiances festives et sérieuses :

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Charles Ray

16 February – 20 June, 2022

 Temporary exhibition 

 Gallery 2, level 6


First major monographic exhibition dedicated to a major figure in contemporary American sculpture, Charles Ray (born in Chicago in 1953, currently lives and works in Los Angeles). 

La Bourse de Commerce–Pinault Collection is dedicating an exhibition to the artist at the same time, designed in close collaboration with the Centre Pompidou. These two events offer complementary perspectives in a work engaging both the mind and the body, and constantly asking the viewer: "what is a sculpture?"


 Guided tours (in French): 

  • every Saturday, at 4pm
  • every Sunday (except May 1st), at 2pm


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Shirley Jaffe
An American Woman in Paris

20 April – 29 August 2022

 Temporary exhibition in the Museum 

 Museum, level 4 – Galerie d'art graphique and Galerie du Musée


On her death in 2016, Shirley Jaffe, the American painter, left a very rich body of abstract art, a significant ensemble of which was donated to the French State and received by the National Museum of Modern Art in 2019.

This original exhibition shows how the artist had to abandon gesture in order to bring ever increasing tension to her artistic experience. The chronological presentation periodically orchestrates face-to-face arrangements of works from different periods. Precious studio notes made by the artist for each of her pictures are presented in showcases with archive material from her studio.


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León Ferrari
Amiable Cruelty

20 April – 29 August 2022

 Temporary exhibition 

 Museum, level 4 – Galerie 0, Espace prospectif


Léon Ferrari (1920-2013) is the creator of a protean, alternately mysterious and literal body of work whose formal rigour is on a par with his subversive power. 
Struck by the violence of his time, particularly that of the Vietnam War, Ferrari dedicated his work to demonstrating the barbarity of the liberal Western world, and never ceased to warn us about the process by means of which art embellishes and trivialises violence – a mechanism he called "amiable cruelty".


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The People of Tomorrow
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

25 September, 2021 – 18 July, 2022


 Galerie des enfants, level 1


An exhibition-workshop for children aged 4 years and above designed by french artist Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to stimulate children's artistic sensibility and draw their attention to the most powerful signs of our times. 

Flags, totems and emblematic colours from his work over the past fifty years echo those of the Centre Pompidou – red, yellow, blue – forming eight educational devices based on signs, symbols and universal language


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Giorgio Griffa

2 March – 27 June 2022

 Temporary exhibition in the Museum 

 Museum, level 5 – Espace Focus


A group of eighteen works donated to the National Museum of Modern Art by Giorgio Griffa to rediscover Giogio Griffa (born in Turin in 1936), a major player in the history of Italian and European painting in the second half of the 20th century. 

While still working as a lawyer, a profession he practiced all his life, in the second half of the 1960s, Griffa began to make abstract works that are recognisable for their blank, unsized and unstretched canvases, which he painted on the floor, and then fixed to the wall with a few nails.

"I don't represent anything, I paint", became his adopted credo.


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Avec qui venez-vous au Musée ?

20 mars – 27 juin 2022

 Exposition temporaire au Musée 

 Musée, niveau 4 – salles 2, 5 et 7


En complicité avec la philosophe Vinciane Despret, invitée intellectuelle du Centre Pompidou en 2021-2022, le Musée présente trois salles qui évoquent les nouveaux régimes d’attention au vivant.


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Tatiana Trouvé
Le grand atlas de la désorientation

8 June – 22 August 2022

 Temporary exhibition 

 Gallery 3, level 1


Born in Cosenza (Italy) in 1968, Tatiana Trouvé developed an equally vast and ambitious body of work in which drawing and sculpture intertwine in a permanent two-way movement. Her work in three-dimensional space proceeds from an invention of locations to (re)occupy, while her essentially two-dimensional graphical production gives rise, like so many stages, to fragmentary arrangements of architectural, landscape and furniture elements that are reminiscent of dream work and its mechanisms. 

When invited to take over the eight hundred-odd square metres of Gallery 3, Tatiana Trouvé employed a variety of materials to recreate its floor. A fantastical landscape where reality engages in infinite exchanges with its doubles.


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The Rest is Shadow
Pedro Costa, Rui Chafes, Paulo Nozolino

8 June – 22 August 2022

 Temporary exhibition 

 Gallery 4, level 1


Dedicated to Portuguese artists Pedro Costa, Rui Chafes and Paulo Nozolino, this group exhibition is presented in the form of a renewed dialogue between film, sculpture and photography
Articulated around the installation As filhas do Fogo by Pedro Costa and Rui Chafes, and the film Minino macho, Minino fêmea by Pedro Costa, accompanied by a series of photographs by Paulo Nozolino, the exhibition is designed as an immersive mental journey at the intersection of these three artists' artistic interrogations, artists who have engaged over the years in a fruitful collaboration.


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Chris Ware

8 juin – 10 octobre 2022

 Exposition temporaire gratuite 
 Bpi, niveau 2


Auteur d’une inventivité exceptionnelle, Chris Ware (né aux États-Unis en 1967) explore méthodiquement, depuis trente ans, toutes les potentialités du langage de la bande dessinée. 

Conçue en collaboration avec l’artiste et en partenariat avec le Festival international de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême, cette exposition rétrospective présente de nombreuses planches originales, accompagnées d’imprimés rares et d’objets, ainsi que d’agrandissements en couleur commentés. 

Gérard Garouste

7 septembre 2022 – 2 janvier 2023

 Exposition temporaire 
 Galerie 2, niveau 6


Retour sur le parcours inclassable d'un des plus importants peintres contemporains français, Gérard Garouste (né en 1946). 
Aux côtés de 120 tableaux majeurs, souvent de très grand format, l’exposition présente également nombre de ses installations, sculptures et œuvres graphiques. 
Autant de pièces qui jouent volontairement sur les déformations, mutilations et recompositions de la figure, de l'histoire de l'art et des grands récits (mythologiques, littéraires, religieux) ; cherchent à questionner et à renverser les certitudes sur le mode d'un jeu lui-même en perpétuelle réinvention. 


Au même moment

Le grand atelier de La Source


 Galerie des enfants, niveau 1


Conçue dans l’esprit des ateliers pratiqués au sein de l’association La Source, créée par Gérard Garouste il y a 30 ans, l'exposition-atelier destinée au jeune public explore un thème cher à l’artiste : la mythologie. 

Alice Neel

5 October, 2022 – 16 January, 2023

 Temporary exhibition 
 Gallery 3, level 1

Sayed Haider Raza

Delayed in 2023

 Temporary exhibition 

 Gallery 4, level 1