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Studio 13/16

The space dedicated to art and creation for and by young people

Welcome to Studio 13/16!

A space dedicated to young people and contemporary artistic creation
An on-site, external and digital programme
Collaboration with contemporary artists
Common concerns: identity, the environment, community


Studio 13/16 is the first and only space in a French cultural institution with a programme of events designed exclusively for young people. It is committed to helping teenagers discover creativity and demonstrating that cultural spaces are also great for socialising, having fun and sharing.
An attractive and lively space with a multidisciplinary programme focused on contemporary social issues, it aims to involve young people actively in the processes of reflection and artistic creation around topics that most concern them, making encounters with artists the highlight of this artistic and cultural experience.


In 2020, Studio 13/16 adopted a new format, making it more modular and active with three main focus points:

  • encounters with contemporary and emerging art for young people;
  • the use of digital technology, in particular social networks, as outreach and creation tools;
  • addressing social issues and current affairs through a reactive and connected programme that is in keeping with this committed, citizen-focused generation.

Centred on young people and artists, Studio 13/16 is and will continue to be a place for living, creating, discovering, opening up and liberating creative practices and approaches.

Its programme features a variety of themes that allow it to address artistic and social issues and coincide with the school curriculum. Each topic is addressed by the artists and teenagers in different locations (Studio 13/16, schools and socio-educational organisations) in a variety of formats (workshops, debates, live events, screenings, meetings etc.).

At the Centre Pompidou

A community of artists from different backgrounds, artistic fields and styles are invited to Studio 13/16 to host workshops, debates, concerts and masterclasses and transmit their knowledge to young people, create and think with them, equip them with new tools of expression and jointly identify the connections between contemporary artistic creation and society.
Studio 13/16 brings together fashion, dance, music, installations, video etc., transforming it into a new field of exploration every three months.

External activities

As part of its territorial actions, the Centre Pompidou offers two off-site activities for teenagers:


  • Studio 13/16 at school: a weekly event alternating talks and workshops that aims to unite students and teachers around creative activities in a spirit of openness to art. 
  • Studio 13/16 Tour: a travelling studio that goes wherever teenagers spend their free time outside of museums, socio-cultural institutions or school. 

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On Instagram

Studio 13/16 dedicates its Instagram account to contemporary art by and for young people. 
It makes this participative and collaborative platform for information and expression a channel in its own right for the dissemination of artistic content and mediation. 


Studio 13/16 publishes artistic, creative or inspiring content every day to showcase all aspects of art:

  • artistic and cultural monitoring with artists’ work reposted in “Studio 13/16 likes";
  • works made exclusively for Studio 13/16 by a different illustrator every three months;
  • multidisciplinary collaboration with young people involved in dance, video art, animation, etc.
  • content produced in partnership with media actors (podcasts, videos, documentaries, etc.)

How to find us

At the Centre Pompidou:

Free admission without booking
Open from 2pm to 6pm:

  • term time: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon;
  • local school holidays: every afternoon (except Tuesdays). 

Forum, level –1


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