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New York City

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Piet Mondrian (1872 - 1944)

New York City

(New York City I)


Huile sur toile

119,3 x 114,2 cm

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MO.B.G. : PM

D.B.DR. : 42

Achat grâce à un crédit spécial et au concours de la Scaler Foundation, 1984

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 1984-352

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Description for the presentation 2015-2016 in the National Museum of Modern Art

New York City was painted in New York where Piet Mondrian took refuge in 1940. The work is representative of his most recent investigations, in which he worked out his schemes by interweaving strips of coloured paper on the canvas. The resulting orthogonal grid is as vibrant as it is joyful, the differences of colour and the position of the interweaving lines giving an optical energy to the whole structure. One might see in this the impact of the New York lights or of the syncopated rhythm of the boogie-woogie, making the work an expression of the “new energy” the painter discovered in the ...

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