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Letters from a time of war

Cycle de films documentaires

7 - 24 Nov 2014

The event is over

The correspondence, accounts and diaries of soldiers during the Great War provide fascinating archive material. Their letters describe their raw and immediate impressions: sensitive material seized upon by film directors to describe the horror of war. "Letters from a time of war" presents around 30 films, adding to the descriptions of veterans with more contemporary first-hand accounts. La Cicatrice by L. Veray is echoed by M. Abramovici's Dor de Tine paying tribute to a deported father, and P. Allen's The Soldier’s Tale, the story of a veteran of Iraq. The Lebanese artist Rayess Bek interprets the performance of Good bye Schlondorff, and special sessions alternate heritage films (J’accuse, by Abel Gance, 1938) and unreleased films (Les Poilus d’ailleurs, by Mehdi Lallaoui).


7 - 24 Nov 2014
every days except tuesdays


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