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Pairs and sets

7 Mar - 18 Jun 2012

The event is over

Through a selection of masterpieces by the artist, the exhibition 'Matisse, pairs and sets' illuminates a singular aspect of his art: the exploration of the same subject repeatedly, the same pattern, which allows the artist to explore the painting itself. Pairs or sets, these ricochets formal variations framework, drawing, touch, color, are a regular features of his work. The exhibition comprises sixty paintings and thirty drawings, to trace his artistic career, from 1899 to 1952. Faced with these couples and these digressions, that's all the work of Matisse and he is allowed to enter, with its breaks, its reversals and his conquests.


7 Mar - 18 Jun 2012
11am - 9pm, every days except tuesdays

A partir du vendredi 23 mars : nocturne tous les vendredis, samedis, dimanches, lundis jusqu'à 23h.
A partir du dimanche 25 mars : ouverture anticipée tous les dimanches de 10h à 11h, réservée aux adhérents et aux détenteurs de billets achetés en ligne.


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