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Exposition / Musée

Festival Hors Pistes, 15e édition

Le peuple des images

24 janv. - 9 févr. 2020

L'événement est terminé

Visuel couverture de la revue « Immersion », 2019

For its fifteenth edition, the Hors Pistes festival explores, confronts and questions how the metamorphoses of artistic experimentation and individual uses influence contemporary images, from cinema to series, video and computer-generated images, etc. What are, who are these vast and endless amounts of images that surround us? To speak of “Image People” is to ask how visual culture models collective movements, and to focus on the multiple images that populate our daily lives and our imagination, permeating our relationships and our subjectivities, transforming us into living pictures.

Visuel couverture de la revue « Immersion », 2019


24 janvier 2020 à 18h
25 janv. -  9 fév. 2020 de 11h à 21h

Forum -1
Petite Salle