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La Pythie

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À propos de l'œuvre

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À propos de l'œuvre

André Masson (1896 - 1987)

La Pythie


Huile et tempera sur toile

130,5 x 106,5 cm

Inscriptions :

S.B.G. : André Masson


Achat, 1981

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 1981-21

Description for the presentation 2013-2014 in the National Museum of Modern Art

Masson often stressed the part played by his American exile in the renewal of his work. “Over there,” he said, “I freed myself from the vertical. The country is more cosmic than France, with its climate, meteors, lightning and the power of the earth.” A violence he evokes through this mythical episode, where the Pythia of Delphi gives herself over to the forces of Hell. The strident colours, rhythmic lines and dense material make this painting a genuine poem of aesthetics.

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