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Classified exhibition catalogue

History of exhibitions and the classified catalogue of the Centre Pompidou exhibitions

In the wake of recent studies devoted to the history of exhibitions and its key role in the social and cultural understanding of artistic scenes, a think tank was set up at the Centre Pompidou in 2010 to explore the exhibition as an "object" and its place in the new drafting of the history of art. 


In this context, it appeared essential to develop a classified catalogue of Centre Pompidou exhibitions, a participative online platform in the form of a collaborative wiki. A comprehensive listing of the considerable expo-graphic activity implemented by the Centre Pompidou since its opening, this catalogue has served as both a research tool and a model for the standardisation of the archiving procedure for exhibitions


Based on the exhibitions produced by the Centre Pompidou between 1977 and 2015, revisiting in detail the history of the institution and its numerous achievements, the classified exhibition catalogue has enabled the cross-referencing of thousands of documentary resources, currently dispersed throughout several departments. It thus provides researchers with instantaneous access to the archives held at the Kandinsky Library and the Centre Pompidou Archives. Centred around a descriptive protocol, several documentary resources are presently accessible via various criteria: production departments, exhibition curators, artists and works listings, museum reports and key technical elements in the exhibition production process and tour. The analytical method has also enabled the modelling of exhibition archiving and the implementation of electronic transfer procedures in accordance with exchange formats. 

Scientific team

Didier Schulmann: curator and head of the Kandinsky Library department, Mnam-Cci. 

Stéphanie Rivoire: head of Resources & Collections, Kandinsky Library, Mnam-Cci (up to 2019). Project manager for the classified exhibition catalogue. 

Karine Bomel: archivist in charge of the Architecture & Design resources, Kandinsky Library, Mnam-Cci 

Jean-Philippe Bonilli: archivist, head of the Archives Centre, Centre Pompidou. 

Sonia Descamps: archivist in charge of the administration of data bases and standardisation, Kandinsky Library, Mnam-Cci; administrator of the classified catalogue of Centre Pompidou exhibitions. 

Rémi Parcollet: post-doctorate, Labex CAP: Paris 1 University, Hicsa / associate researcher 


This considerable census task was made possible thanks to the contributions of some 70 archivists, students and researchers involved in the "History of Exhibitions" research programme (2012 - 2015), supported by Labex Arts-H2H and CAP. 

Online resources