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Different ways of learning and training

From the outset, the Centre Pompidou’s main missions have been to share the experience of art with all audiences, encourage curiosity, promote the love for living and interdisciplinary creation, and reach a wide range of visitors by presenting ever-evolving and diverse examples of art. 


Driven by the belief that accessibility is the key to understanding and supporting the transformations of the modern world, a new milestone in these missions was reached in 2017, with the opening of the École du Centre Pompidou, covering both “public” and “professional” segments. 


Through this school, the Centre Pompidou has developed new educational tools and new ways of promoting and sharing knowledge and the practice of art. 

MOOCs and masterclasses

Learning differently

An introductory programme on 20th and 21st century art is offered by the Centre Pompidou and is free and open to all. It runs every school year and is taught online and face-to-face.


Through these MOOCs (free online courses, open to all) participants are invited to immerse themselves in the world of art and creation through video, documentary resources, quizzes and a variety of educational activities. Participants are encouraged to exchange ideas in order to understand and engage with modern art.


To enhance your learning, free events are also held within the Centre Pompidou. These include masterclasses with artists and guided tours of the collections of the Musée national d'art moderne, which are all linked to the topics of the MOOCs.


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The professional school

The art of inventing the future

The Centre Pompidou’s professional school delivers a range of continuing professional development courses at the heart of the collections of the Musée national d'art moderne. The concept behind these courses – specifically designed for businesses – is to combine expert knowledge and practice in an original setting.


Through an original learning experience and by adopting a different perspective, the participants in the programme come into close contact with works of art and artists, which inspires and enhances their professional skills and practices.


The aim is to shed light on the key issues for businesses and organisations, while developing personal and collective curiosity, agility and creativity.


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