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The creation of the Centre Pompidou's future Ile-de-France conservation and creation centre in Massy aims to develop a cultural and artistic programme for all based around the Centre Pompidou's collection. As part of its prefiguration activities launched in 2019, the Centre Pompidou builds projects throughout the Ile-de-France region. 

Sister Ship by Maxime Rossi

 Performance | Visual arts and musical creation 

Designed as an unconventional musical by French artist Maxime Rossi, Sister Ship (2015) is characterised by the unlikely meeting of two worlds that are as distinct as they are distant.


Presented on stage as a multimedia installation, this hybrid cinematographic object combines unused footage from Pygmée Blues (2013) - a documentary film shot along the Congo River - with a soundtrack of a sung recording of a book about Sister Corita Kent (1918-1986). On the stage, the musicians perform between screens as though in a life-size pop-up book. The screens show silk-screen prints that reflect the graphic work of Corita Kent, an atypical former American sister who became an activist and contributed to pop counterculture in the 1960s.

At the Opéra de Massy, the voices of Emma Daumas, Ben l’Oncle Soul and Blick Bassy bring film screening to the stage and guide visitors through an experience marked by a plurality of sounds. Orchestrated live by Alex Finkin (Roseaux), musicians from a wide range of backgrounds propose a unique performance of the work, enriched with musical interludes composed especially for the occasion. With the likes of cellist Clément Petit, percussionist Jaune (Jean Thévenin), trumpeter Antoine Berjeaut and tapdancer Isabelle Dauzet, the show will reveal most extensive version of Sister Ship – which recently entered the Centre Pompidou’s collections - performed to date. 



1st December 2021

Opéra de Massy


More info on Opéra de Massy website

1 day, 1 work

 Conferences and workshops | Visual arts 


"1 day, 1 work" allows people to discover, near where they live, one major and original work of modern and contemporary art. All the works are from the Centre Pompidou's collection, which is one of the largest in the world for 20th- and 21st-century art, and can be displayed in local theatres, events halls, sports centres, etc.
Free talks and workshops for children aged 3 and over and their parents allow audiences to understand the work and the artist presented.


10 November 2021
Maison de quartier du Village, Évry-Courcouronnes 

8 December 2021
MJC Boby Lapointe, Villebon-sur-Yvette

Breaking point: Photo residency in the Orge Valley
Benoît Fougeirol

 Artist residency | Photography 


The photography project along the Orge Valley proposed by Benoît Fougeirol will address issues concerning the memory of the territory, changes to and transformations of the space and ways of inhabiting it.


Initiated between 2016 and 2019 as part of a seminar at the Paris-La Villette School of Architecture, the project will pursue the photographic research carried out on the landscape along the Orge valley to measure its complexity and understand its physical, cultural and mental dimensions. 
To anchor the project in a philosophy of exchange and to accompany the research, local residents will be invited to share this experience of the territory through walks organised between Saint-Martin-de-Bréthencourt and Athis-Mons. The chosen routes will focus on the local area and provide an opportunity for exchange and the emergence of questions around the landscape crossed, history, ecology, experience and the story as a form of collective possession.


January – June 2022

Vallée de l'Orge

Mobile baby station #3

Hexacolor, Julie Safirstein

 Travelling workshop | 0-2 years 


Hexacolor is a space for toddlers created by artist Julie Safirstein on the theme of colour.


A little light creeps into the room and a world of colours and shapes appears. Primary and secondary colours, superimpositions, halos and reflections: Julie Safirstein's device plunges youngsters and their parents into a colourful new world and invites them to explore. Look, but also look at oneself, see through, observe in front and behind, hide, enter, leave… Hexacolor is an immersive installation for young children, an invitation to discover the concepts of shape, colour, space and time.


31 January – 18 February 2022
Maison des Services de Rozay-en-Brie


In co-production with mille formes, Clermont-Ferrand

Mobile baby station #2

Émilie Faïf

 Travelling workshop | 0-2 years 


Mobile baby station #2 is a space for toddlers created by artist Émilie Faïf on the theme of the human body.


The space invites participants to explore their own body in its visible and non-visible aspects: parts such as the mouth and eyes come face to face with the intestines and the brain. Each element of the body is presented in a large, disproportionately sized format, becoming a subject in itself. The different parts are transformed into footstools, tents or tubes and other graphic and physical elements made of felt and other materials offering a visual and sensory experience: an exploration of materials by touch.


15 April – 31 May 2022

Opéra de Massy


In co-production with mille formes, Clermont-Ferrand

La Fabrique mobile

 Travelling workshop | 3-10 years 


Create, invent, test, discuss, manufacture… these are the verbs that drive La Fabrique Mobile, a simple device to allow children aged 3-10 to take part in workshops designed by artists.


An electric van in the Centre Pompidou colours and fitted out by Bold Design houses a modular and functional workshop. 
La Fabrique Mobile aims to meet with children where they live and to create the best possible conditions for them to explore their creativity and discover different modes of artistic production. 



2020: 5 Essonne municipalities

2022: others Ile-de-France departments

With support from 

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Sensitive spaces
A workshop on Tadao Ando designed by Émilie Queney

 Travelling workshop | 3-10 years 


The "Sensitive Spaces" travelling workshop invites young people to explore the concepts of space and construction.


The workshops focus on the founding principles of Japanese artist Tadao Ando’s architecture: concepts of solid and void, light and the relationship with space.

During the workshops, participants discover architectural concepts through gestures, simple construction techniques and an adapted vocabulary. 


8 March – 22 April 2022
Château du Val-Fleury, Gif-sur-Yvette

MuMo x Centre Pompidou

 Travelling exhibition | Young audiences 

In the new MuMo, a travelling museum van created with the support of Art Explora and entirely dedicated to the Centre Pompidou, the Centre Pompidou presents 25 works from its collection (paintings, drawings, photographs, films etc.) in an exhibition titled "The animals leave their reserve". 


The aim of the mediation teams accompanying the touring van is to reach out to children and young people, build partnerships with schools, socio-cultural centres, social associations and medical-educational establishments. 


16 – 20 May 2022
Ville de Massy

21 May – 3 June 2022
Itinérance dans la Communauté d'agglomération de l'Étampois Sud-Essonne:

21 May 2022: Étampes

23 and 30 May 2022: Angerville

31 May – 1st June 2022: Bois-Herpin

2 – 3 June 2022: Mérobert

September 2022
Ville de Massy

To each their own point of view
A workshop on Henri Cartier-Bresson and photography

 Travelling workshop | 3-10 years 


The "To each their own point of view" workshop offers a range of activities to train the eye while having fun.


Focusing on a detail, changing scale or point of view, closing in on a subject “on tiptoe” - in the words of French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson-, using light and shade... so many ways of savouring everyday items with your eyes and drawing in close to things.

Agenda : 
15 octobre – 5 novembre 2022
Ville d’Argenteuil