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The creation of the Centre Pompidou's future Ile-de-France conservation and creation centre in Massy aims to establish a mediation programme based on the Centre Pompidou's collection. As part of its prefiguration activities launched in 2019, the Centre Pompidou designs programmes for schoolchildren throughout the Ile-de-France region. 

Studio 13/16 in junior high school

Created ten years ago, Studio 13/16 is a venue dedicated to visitors to the Centre Pompidou aged 13 to 16.
In 2014, Studio13/16 designed the Studio13/16 junior high school operation to reach out to teenagers in their schools. The aim is to meet teenagers directly at their place of learning to inspire interest in art and creation.


Over the course of one week, the project provides free workshops in the school playground including performances, workshops and concerts. In the afternoon, classes take it in turn to participate in encounters based on a selection of works from the Centre Pompidou's contemporary collection.



Spring 2022
Two junior high schools in Essonne


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The “Mon Œil” web series

The Centre Pompidou invites school pupils aged 8 and 9 (CE2 classes) to discover a theme for the school year: "rhythms, shapes, colours".
From January 2021, a travelling workshop on Mondrian will tour three towns in the Paris-Saclay agglomeration community.
Workshops to explore the theme in connection with the "Mon Œil" web series will be held in Cinémassy and then in CE2 classes.
The children are also invited to the Centre Pompidou for visits to the museum.



First half of 2021
The Paris-Saclay agglomeration community


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