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The creation of the Centre Pompidou's future Ile-de-France conservation and creation centre in Massy aims to provide an attractive venue for national and international researchers, particularly in the area of the preventive conservation of works
As part of its prefiguration activities launched in 2019, the Centre Pompidou establishes partnerships with universities and Grandes Écoles in the Ile-de-France region.

Grand Paris-Sud Preparatory class

Knowledge transfer

The Grand Paris-Sud preparatory class trains around twenty students a year for competitive entry examinations to higher-education art schools in France (Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, etc.), with a focus on creative and individualised teaching. This public training includes the discovery of works and the places that present them as well as encounters with professionals from the world of art and contemporary art.


As part of this partnership, the Centre Pompidou offers a dedicated teaching programme as well as resources, meetings and training to allow students of the Grand Paris-Sud art preparatory class to discover the museum’s functions and professions, particularly through visits and introductory modules throughout the year.

Paris-Saclay University

Art and Sciences

The Centre Pompidou's mission is not only to share its exceptional collection with the general public, but also to preserve it. To this end, the Centre Pompidou ‘s new Ile-de-France conservation and creation centre has been designed as an innovative laboratory for artwork conservation techniques.


The Centre Pompidou and Paris-Saclay University have joined forces to work together on the implementation of preventive conservation techniques and protocols applied to the works.

The main fields of research focus on three key areas:

  • identifying materials and techniques, studying damage and validating treatment protocols;
  • documentation for conservation and mediation: digital processes, 3D techniques, new technologies;
  • preventive conservation and sustainable development: alternative materials, tools and measurement.